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Touch of Love from Earth to Heavens Island/Memories in Imaginary Time

“Touch of Love in a Dimension of Heaven, From Earth to Heaven’s Island” is a spiritual journey into the dimensions of consciousness within the mind and soul. The earliest story of Heaven’s Island was handwritten in 1961. It remained dormant, in an old notebook, for more than fifty years. This original account of “From Earth to Heaven’s Island” continues but is expanded to include information, research, and experience in the collective universal mind. The mind determines our reality; therefore, nothing is real or unreal. Gain access to a dimension of Heaven through prayer, meditation, and imagery. Become mindful of higher levels of consciousness. Pray for Divine Guidance and enter this realm of love and compassion. This is where dreams materialize into tangible substance within the mind. Inspiration is limitless in this place of universal consciousness. All are one in the mind of God.

                Thought is the designer of our personal experience. A quiet mind enters a spiritual and mystical place. The vehicle of transportation is the spiritual body. Transport to places beyond space-time is conceivable for all. This includes transcendent situations which occur in memory and in places between earth and a vast domain of conscious awareness. We wonder, what is real? Reflection into the past and future leads to the sacred light of understanding. This reflection or mirror image of the self arouses Holy inspiration and reflects Divine Light into a sphere of darkness.

This is a totally different book on spirituality. It opens your mind and challenges your thought on connecting with your inner spiritual being. Susan Esteves

Healing Arts and Science to Alleviate Pain/Spiritual Care of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

This book is based upon information derived from a study and research that I conducted for the Doctoral Dissertation “Spiritual Healing to Alleviate Chronic Mental and Physical Pain Associated with Arthritic Conditions.” This research is to promote methods of care that will improve physical, mental, and spiritual peace. It leads to comfort and inner healing. This is important for self-care and care givers. It is also valuable for all health care providers including nurses, therapists and clergy to consider these methods of care. This is designed to incorporate the needs of all faiths and spiritual beliefs. Considering all humanity, we each have different and personal beliefs. However, everyone is spiritual, and each person lives according to an individual form of spirituality that motivates and inspires their life. Clinical Spiritual Hypnotherapy combined with personal beliefs is a powerful method of healing. This is dedicated to each person who wishes to help themselves and others in their own individual manner. There are certain natural gifts that we all have in common and that is a higher intelligence, consciousness, and free will. Let us use our own abilities as a guide and tool for being a blessing to ourselves and others. Everyone experiences some form of mental or physical discomfort due to our humanity. Now we will focus on Divine, Universal, and Holy Will to bring us to a place of complete peace and comfort here and now on this earth as it is in Heaven.

A Journey in Divine Spirit Meditative Prayer/Gateway to Heaven

This is a spiritual journey that is leading us toward a place of inner peace and healing. Become aware of a higher level of consciousness where we find that place “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” This is a location of inner peace and tranquility within the mind. Awaken to an inner reality of heavenly awareness. Find eternity in the silence and peace of the Divine Mind during meditative prayer. This is a place of love and compassion. Reaching a higher level of consciousness elevates our mind to a level of greater intelligence and understanding of our self and each other. The kingdom of God is with us here and now. In this blessed state of being there is peace and unity. We experience unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance. There is a blending and union with our higher self. We are then free to create new ways of thinking and living.

Touch of Life in the Presence of God/Prescriptions for Christian Healing

Prescriptions for Christian Healing promote a peaceful quiet mind that is accepting of God’s intervention for healing. They include prayer, meditation, visualization and imagery for inner peace and healing. Receive guidance to relax, pray, and accept Sacred Healing Love. The Light of God shines into our life as we pray and meditate. Our mission is to bring inner peace and healing love to those in need. Difficulties begin within our own mind and are resolved as we focus on the Holy Spirit with us to help and guide as we pray. Healing the sick is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is only possible with God. We ask God to Shine Sacred Light in a place of darkness. Only God Heals, not the power of the mind or random energy. This is the focus of Christian Spiritual Healing. God bestows this gift upon all who ask with sincere belief, faith, love and compassion. The Will of God is always complete and perfect healing. God wants us to be joyful and healthy. In the presence of illness and always, God is with us to bestow unconditional love and compassion. The Spirit of God is present for all people to bring healing of mind, body and soul in an atmosphere of unity and mutual Love “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) The Light of God shines into our life as we pray and meditate.  Our mission is to bring inner peace and healing to those in need.  Difficulties begin within our own mind and are resolved as we focus on the Holy Spirit within us to help and guide as we pray. Healing the sick is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is only possible with God. We pray to Shine Sacred Light in a place of darkness. Only God Heals. This is the focus of  Spiritual Healing. Blessings are bestowed upon all who ask with sincere belief, faith, love and compassion. The pure in heart  know the Way. Now we pray for Spiritual Healing as we meditate. Let our heart be humble and our Spirit will speak only words of healing love. We pray for guidance to state only Truth and pray for Healing of Mind, Body and Soul. We ask to bring Divine Healing to all in need, in order to make us one in a Spirit of Love, Peace and Comfort. Only Goodness extends from  the Spirit of God who is present for all people to bring healing of mind, body and soul in an atmosphere of unity and mutual Love.  I believe that we are one in a Sacred Spirit of Love, compassion and caring for each person according to  needs. There are many languages and multiple belief systems. The interpretation of words is the only factor that divides us. 

Heavenly Creation / Meditation for Care Givers

Peace and comfort of our mind, body, and spirit is a Divine Creation and Gift of God. Everything is a form of perfection with the purpose of eternal life, inner peace and health. This book contains devotions for supporting a peaceful mind through increased awareness of our Spiritual connection with the Creator. Unconditional love and compassionate consideration promote healing. We are guided to understand, give, and accept unconditional love that will bring sanctity to the soul and inner healing. This is accomplished through cognitive and meditative methods of care. The inner mind is connected with the mind of the Creator God. The beauty and wonders of creation are captured in photographic imagery and meditative prayer. Each meditation promotes a sense of inner peace for healing.

God Speaks in Peaceful Moments of Prayer

God speaks in many ways; God Speaks during quiet moments of prayer. Just ask a question and listen quietly for an answer. This book contains brief condensed meditations based on the BookCover8x10_Color_60front
book “Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God”.  These meditations initiate a peaceful quiet mind that is prepared for listening to God.  Meditative Prayer, relaxation and imagery are combined with full color beautiful and peaceful photographic images of nature. This combination of relaxation techniques and visual imagery helps to promote inner healing and Peace. The purpose of Meditative Prayer is to prepare our mind to enter into a place of quiet inner peace, this moment, in the Holy Presence of God. It is Entering the Silence of the Mind which is a quiet place where God speaks and we listen.  We listen as God Speaks words to help, guide and extend Blessings. Holy Inspiration, and trust in Gods power, are planted within our mind and soul.  Meditative Prayer is a means in which we experience peace, leading to recognition that all are God’s children and United in Love. Relaxation, imagery, visualization and centering during meditative prayer lead to a quiet clear mind that is receptive to Divine Inspiration. There are many ways to find the Peace of God’s Holy Presence. We are a living temple of God’s Love, Peace and Truth. All pathways of Love direct us to One Divine Presence and Sacred Inspiration. The Light of God, is with us as we pray; and leads us to be peaceful, content and joyful.

Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God: Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care

“Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God, Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care” presents methods of Spiritual Care through the use of Meditative Prayer that, in addition to the health and healing Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God Coverbenefits, leads to Spiritual Growth and Inner Peace. Our goal is to introduce methods of relaxation, imagery, visualization and prayer that promote inner peace and healing. The purpose of Meditative Prayer is to prepare our mind to enter into a state of meditation and contemplation in which we experience the Holy Presence of God in the Present Moment. “Religious and spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and touch are reported to lengthen life, improve the quality of life, and improve health outcomes by enhancing psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. This is based on research reports in nursing literature and publications of other health professionals, as well as the professional literature focused on health ministry, chaplaincy, theology, spirituality, spiritual care, and pastoral care.“(5) Nurses, health care providers, care givers and each person requires Spiritual Care that is given and received with unconditional Love for all people regardless of religion, belief or anything that separates us from each other and the Love of God. Our purpose is to encourage peace and unity. The methods presented in this book are intended for all people. The information contains specific religious and spiritual data related to Christianity and various beliefs. God is to be understood as that which represents the Divine to you. We each have different beliefs but empathy and understanding for all is of vital importance for Living in the Spirit of God’s Peace. Meditative prayer imagery includes a combination of techniques that will enhance the healing process. Prayer, relaxation and focusing on peaceful imagery produce a very peaceful state of mind, body, and soul. This book contains written meditative prayer scripts and inspiring photographic imagery that are used independently and in groups for helping, healing and to bring peace.

Awakening to the Holy Light of Christ

coverThe Book Awakening to the Holy Light of Christ Touch of Life Meditative Prayer for Inner Peace is a Guide to Silence and the Art of Christian Meditation. It is a method of combining and alternating quiet meditation, and imagery with prayer. You pray in a passive and relaxed state. Peaceful imagery combined with Holy Scripture is used in order to bring about a state of clarity and quiet within your mind. This is a sincerely peaceful and pleasant state of mind. This is where you commune with God in Spirit leading to inner peace. It is a way or a path to reaching a state of peaceful living and harmony. The Holy Spirit of God is invited into your life through prayer and asked to heal your soul. The Light of Christ is the awareness of the Spirit of God. It is the Word of God that is written on the mind and heart of all; that leads to an elevation in spiritual consciousness and connection with God. The Light of Christ transforms your life by the Grace of God. In God’s Holy Light you emerge from the darkness and become aware of a Holy Purpose in your life. Meditative Prayer gives you an opportunity to truly listen to God’s voice in response to your prayer. During meditative prayer you remain conscious and aware of your location but feel peaceful and relaxed in mind and body. You are in a fully composed state of mind and yet awake and aware of all that is occurring. You are in complete control both mentally and physically. You center your attention on the Word of God according to Holy Scripture. Your prayer is guided and shielded by the Holy Spirit of God as it is God’s Will. This is a place within your mind where you are inspired only by the Light of Christ, the Light of God’s Spirit. Meditation on scripture is done with pure devotion and reverence. This is the truth of God. Each word has meaning and gives spiritual insight. Prayer is connecting with and talking to God; it is giving praise, reverence, thanks, and requesting guidance. Meditation is quieting of your mind and waiting for an answer or inspiration. God’s will or act in response to your prayer sets into action what He has eternally pronounced by law. We pray that God’s will be done. The Will of God is only Good. The Word of God is Only Good. Focus and pray that the Holy Will of God be done and only absolute goodness is the result. Complete trust and faith in God’s truth leads you on a path to Heaven on Earth.

Valley of the Silent Stream Touch of Life: Meditative Imagery for Inner Healing

51MMS5215NLThe Valley of the Silent Stream represents a place within your mind where you receive inner guidance for healing. Total health including body, mind and soul begins with mental renewal. There is scientific proof that what your mind believes is what you feel. From the moment, you enter this life until the moment of transition you experience multiple situations that can influence your life. The discomfort associated with stress can be devastating or it can be a helpful learning experience depending on how you deal with it. Healing begins where our reality originates with thoughts that we ourselves implant within our mind thereby forming belief systems that create physical and emotional reactions. You are the master of your life and determine your own direction by using your ability to think and feel in a way that leads to happiness, inner peace and success. The meditative imagery prescriptions contained within the book Valley of the Silent Stream use the language of the inner or subconscious mind where only good and positive words create healing, you receive guidance that naturally and peacefully promote a relaxed state of mind and body. Meditative Imagery prescriptions promote health and inner healing. You learn to solve problems, rest your mind and body and allow your inner creative self to work out acceptable solutions leading to effective peaceful living. Focus is only on pleasant thought and helpful suggestions that lead to a higher level of consciousness. Within this state of consciousness, you find that quiet place where fear and anxiety disappear to free your soul. The self then grows, but as one with all.

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