Faith Community Nursing

  • Parish Nursing 

  • for Spiritual Healing

  • Our mission is to bring inner peace and healing to those in need.  Difficulties often begin within our own mind and are resolved as we focus on a Loving and Caring God to help and guide us as we pray. Healing the sick is a sacred gift that is only possible with God. We pray for Healing Light to bring peace and understanding into our life. God is the only healer; this is the focus of Spiritual Healing prayer. Sincere belief, faith, love and compassion is the way. Complete and perfect healing is always Divine Will. We are created to be joyful and healthy. The pure in heart and all who sincerely ask,  receive this Sacred Blessing of Spiritual Healing . Let our heart be humble  as we ask for guidance and wellness of Mind, Body and Soul. We wish to bring compassionate revitalizing care to all in need. Only Goodness extends from God; who is present for all people to bring healing of mind, body and soul in an atmosphere of unity and mutual Love. I believe that we are united in Divine Spirit that is Loving, compassionate and caring for each person according to their needs. There are many languages and multiple belief systems but all originate in United Divine Spirit.
  • Prayer and Meditation for a Inner Peace and Healing 

  • Dear Lord God, help protect and guide us as we pray for healing of body, mind and soul. Help us to rest in Your presence and receive Holy, comforting Love. Guide us according to Your Perfect Will. Help us to comprehend and understand all that we encounter, through the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Help us to live this moment within Your Guiding Light. Keep us always peaceful and focused on  Peace and Love. Illuminate our mind and soul with wisdom and bestow Divine blessings upon all whom we, know, love and encounter. 
  • Rest in a comfortable position and imagine a beautiful place in nature.  Remain resting in this place of peace and serenity. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Do this three times and then return to normal relaxed breathing. Clear your mind of thought and allow only sensations of happiness, peace and goodness. Experience the presence of God with you, to fill you with the Light of the Holy Spirit.  As you relax, your conscious awareness heightens and you are awakening to the Light of God. Your mind is alert to all that you receive in a perfect way just for you.  Only Goodness will influence you in any way. The Light of God is always with you to guide, protect and heal. Now, let your thoughts float by as on a calm sea. Continue to become more peaceful and calm as your mind enters a place of peace and silence where you receive sacred guidance. Within this place of silence, the Holy Spirit is guiding you to work out a solution that will renew health, peace and happiness. You are a creation in the image of God. You are well and healthy. Prayer is the greatest healer. During prayer, sacred power is present. The flow of God’s Holy Spirit is causing your body to function normally. You receive God’s Spiritual Gift of healing. Think only pleasant and strengthening supportive thoughts. Think of yourself as strong and healthy. Imagine regeneration of every cell and organ of your body. Every cell of your body has a mind and receives direction from the mind of God who is bonding with you in Divine Love. There is renewal of your mind. Healing thought flows from the Holy Spirit of God and causes your body to function normally.  Every part of your body is rejuvenating and strengthening. Feel yourself, becoming stronger and healthier each day. This state of resting in the Spirit of God causes your body to function in a perfect manner. Your health is improving more each day. Rest now in this place of silence and allow the complete Healing Power of God to work within you for healing of your body, mind and soul. You are guided, protected and aware of the Sacred Power of God that is always with you to help and to heal. Only goodness has any influence in your life. “My mouth will speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart will be understanding.” (Psalms 49:3) (1) Rest now in the Silence.
  •  Touch of Life in the Presence of God, Prescriptions for Christian Healing
  • by Frances Stroh RN, MA, FCN