In the Hands of God

Let the future go and place it in the Hands of God.

Place all your loved ones in the Hands of God.

Place yourself in the Hands of God.

When we place all in the Hands of God, a transformation occurs.

Any event affecting loved ones and yourself transforms into growth, understanding, healing and inner peace.

Release any concern, have trust and faith, knowing that God is in charge.

By letting go and having faith in God’s plan, you find a place of harmony and inner peace.

You are strengthened and renewed.

As you have faith and put yourself in the Hands of God, attitudes and beliefs lead you toward your highest good. 

You are opening the way for complete peace and joy to fill your life.

The Light of God is enfolding, protecting, and guiding you. 

Now this journey is going to lead you to your special place of serenity and healing.


Excerpt from:  God Speaks in Peaceful Moments of Prayer, Living in the Spirit of God by Frances Stroh RN, MA, FCN