Awareness the Greatest Reality


Ocean at Sunrise

 Open my Eyes to the Eternal Flow of Life

Every person has the capability of being healed regardless of the type of physical problem. Good health is natural. It is our birthright. According to the laws of nature the body is made to be healthy and strong. The eyes are made to see, ears are made to hear, and our body has the capability of cleansing us of any impurities or causes of disease. Our body responds automatically to various signals and stimuli. Once we decide to speak, our subconscious mind knows exactly how to proceed. People do not want to be sick or to be disabled.  However, we cause illnesses within the mind. We do not consciously say that we want to be sick. Certain imprints and impressions within the mind caused a negative result within the body. The manager of the mind waits for instructions from the owner of the mind to give positive suggestion for healing and change. This causes the body to get rid of the negativity. [1]

We reprogram our mind for wellness and comfort. The conscious mind is only a tiny fraction of mental activity. The conscious mind knows extraordinarily little of what we are unconsciously aware of.  Submerged mental imprints and impressions cause physical illness. How powerful is the subconscious part of the mind? Various functions of the physical organism do not stop just because we go to sleep. They continue through the autonomic processes such as digestion, breathing, heartbeat and all body functions. These functions are controlled and regulated by processes other than the conscious level of the mind. It is the subconscious that regulates all the unconscious bodily functions. There is a force within us that can heal any damage of the physical body.

 “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” [2] The thoughts that filter into our mind influence the reaction of our physical body. What a person thinks affects their body. People can think themselves into illness or health. Blocks and ideas of fear, anger, hate, and any negative emotion influences our health and well-being. It is the holding of these thoughts and ideas that causes them to keep building up and causing a problem. Damaging thoughts and ideas cause stress which can damage health. Any type of unpleasant ideas can cause physical and mental problems. They generate powerful destructive emotions. The physical body then responds to these emotions which influence the whole person. No cell automatically gets sick when they are programmed for health. It is the thoughts that we put into our mind that causes illness. The human organism is programmed for perfect health. To get sick, we probably reprogram the mind for illness. [3]

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