Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care Presentation


Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care 

Presentation and Audio

Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium 2015

“Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God, Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care” presents methods of Spiritual Care through the use of Meditative Prayer that, in addition to the health and healing benefits, leads to Spiritual Growth and Inner Peace. Our goal is to introduce methods of relaxation, imagery, visualization and prayer that promote inner peace and healing. The purpose of Meditative Prayer is to prepare our mind to enter into a state of meditation and contemplation in which we experience the Holy Presence of God in the Present Moment. “Religious and spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and touch are reported to lengthen life, improve the quality of life, and improve health outcomes by enhancing psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. This is based on research reports in nursing literature and publications of other health professionals, as well as the professional literature focused on health ministry, chaplaincy, theology, spirituality, spiritual care, and pastoral care.“(5) Nurses, health care providers, care givers and each person requires Spiritual Care that is given and received with unconditional Love for all people regardless of religion, belief or anything that separates us from each other and the Love of God. Our purpose is to encourage peace and unity. The methods presented in this book are intended for all people. The information contains specific religious and spiritual data related to Christianity and various beliefs. God is to be understood as that which represents the Divine to you. We each have different beliefs but empathy and understanding for all is of vital importance for Living in the Spirit of God’s Peace. Meditative prayer imagery includes a combination of techniques that will enhance the healing process. Prayer, relaxation and focusing on peaceful imagery produce a very peaceful state of mind, body, and soul. This book contains written meditative prayer scripts and inspiring photographic imagery that are used independently and in groups for helping, healing and to bring peace.