Spiritual Care Abide in Love

Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care of the Soul

“He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3)  Spiritual Care of the Soul is caring for that part of the person that in many religious and philosophical beliefs, is the spiritual and immortal essence of a living being. There are multiple definitions of the soul. It is part of ancient beliefs and history since our know beginning.  The soul is mentioned approximately three hundred times in the Bible. All living creatures possess a soul that is eternal but the Human Soul was given a gift of free will. This gift of free will gave us the knowledge of good and evil. The animals and all of God’s creation are free of the knowledge of adversity. They are good, sinless and united with God. All that occurs is a normal and natural circle of life. God is Love and there is absence of fear, trust and sacred peace.

The gift of free will gave the Human Soul the ability to know right from wrong. There is only perfect and divine order that is set into exact motion from the beginning. Our human nature gave us the ability to act in a manner that is contrary to Divine Order. Humankind is the only being that has the ability to upset the balance of nature. Spiritual Care of the soul is a way of returning to the perfect love and order of God. We learned to fear and separated from the Love of God when we lost sight of the fact that Love is the only true reality and that God is Love.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4: 18) Spiritual Care of the Soul creates a peaceful and loving heart. Love is often the cause of worry, anxiety and serious concern for those whom we love. To love is to care. It is difficult to eliminate these emotions, but it is important to understand that this is the result of our own fear and lack of trust that God is in charge of each situation. Perfect love leads to a peaceful mind as we become aware of God’s truth. Fear is a form of darkness that is dissipated in the love light of the Creator God. Adversity causes disruption and darkness within the soul, the Light of Divine Love eliminates darkness. There is a flow of Holy Inspiration and inner peace as we focus, in meditative prayer, on the goodness of God’s creation.

Spiritual Care of the soul includes developing holy vision and insight into God’s perfect way. Observe the kingdom of created form and life. Know that only an intelligent mind is the creator of such perfection. The organization of universal knowledge is God’s Sacred Power. Spiritual care of the Soul requires God’s gift of holy insight that becomes miraculously clear as we focus on peaceful, loving thoughts. Become aware of the perfection and beauty in all things. Look closely, and use all physical senses, to observe the intricacies and beauty of creation.

Spiritual care of the soul helps us to gain insight into God’s Reality which is only good and perfect. There is love for all people and all of creation. Meditative prayer transforms our mind and soul; it leads to a place of learning life’s mission and purpose. Clarity of purpose and awareness of the true self is important for spiritual care. This becomes clear as we meditate and enter a sacred place with God. From each of our physical senses there is a flow of God’s Holy Spirit. Prayer, to extend God’s Love, leads to Spiritual growth. We are in tune with a higher level of sacred awareness that flows from God’s Holy Spirit. This leads to peace and spiritual loving care of the soul.

There is comfort and enlightenment as we begin to know our self personally and as part of all. As we move into God’s reality, we experience the presence of abiding Love. Our soul is elevated to a level of Holy and sacred awareness. A flow of God’s Holy Spirit touches our life. The human spirit is a miraculous being, we have the ability to accomplish great things. As we accept God’s Love, it flows like a wave of spiritual power that evolves into a physical and spiritual expression. Love of God is love of our brother, sister, and Love for all. This is spiritual care of the soul in the Holy Presence of God.

Excerpt from “Abide in Love the Sacred Presence of God” by Frances Stroh RN, MA, FCN