Meditations into the Dimensions of Consciousness

  1. Journey in Spirit with God

The creation cannot explain the Creator. No one can understand the mind of God. Don’t look for science to explain God. Allow the soul now to rise to new heights and levels of consciousness. “He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.” (Psalm 23:2) (1)

As we become peaceful in prayer and meditation the soul is restored and develops vital life energy. God is the source of all energy; the living water of life. Through the channel of spiritual inspiration, we receive energy and strength. God is beyond our ability to understand, beyond science, unreachable through thought but ever present in eternal sacred spirit.

The mind determines our reality; therefore, nothing is real or unreal. Thought is the designer of our personal experience. A quiet mind enters a spiritual and mystical place. The vehicle of transportation is the spiritual body. Transport to places beyond space-time is conceivable for all. Methods include prayer, contemplation, meditation, and guided imagery. Information is derived from within the sub-conscious and cosmic mind. Guided meditations for achieving a higher level of consciousness lead the way through the dimensions. Ancient mysteries are known to all, but are hidden within the psyche. Spiritual experience combined with inspiration, basic science and philosophical information lead us toward understanding God’s Heavenly Creation. Experience now, transcendent peace and love in the dimensions of consciousness.

Consciousness is one of the last remaining mysteries of life. Discovering the meaning of consciousness and its functions will lead to new and improved diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of mental and physical disorders. This is important for healing to occur and it is important for this study to clarify how the mind controls the body and our ability to be the controller or programmer of this mind body interaction.

Any change in the way we see and experience the world is determined by our level of awareness. There are physical conditions that influence our ability to perceive the present reality. Is consciousness and our experience of life dependent only upon the physical brain or does the mind function independently? 

We experience mental and physical pain in our life. We know that the mind and thought control our feelings and perceptions.  There are multiple cases of physical healing that are the result of spiritual and alternative methods of healing. The reality is that everything including physical objects, when broken down to a state of the smallest known substance, is energy and another term for energy is Spirit. The mind is part of the Universal Mind or God. The mind works like a computer that stores all information and memory and is the controller of our life, feelings, and health.

Prayer and Meditation

Begin meditation always with prayer. We are entering Holy Ground where we commune with God.

Dear Lord God,

Fill us with Your Holy Spirit; surround, guide, and protect as we enter Your sacred place of peace, goodness and love. Guide us on this path of spiritual growth and bring us closer to you. Our Lord, God we ask you to always be our guide. As we open our mind and heart, help us to listen, so that we hear your voice, and let your word flow into our thoughts and soul. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, and let the Light of Your Sacred Love, peace and healing enter our mind, heart, soul and life. Bless all for whom we pray. Give us faith to believe that all who we know and love are safely in your care. Bless us with Your gift of grace and faith that we may live in accord with Holy and Divine Will. Help us to understand and to believe that only goodness is of you. Be our helper and guide on this journey into a place of peace and holiness. Surround us with Your Holy Spirit of protection and guidance. Send Divine Angels to be with us as we pray and meditate. Lead us into Sacred Presence. We thank You God for all Blessings.

Rest in a comfortable position; and relax each muscle completely. Let all the muscles of your face rest; feel that relaxation. Relax the muscles of your forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and jaw; let your jaw drop down and relax completely while breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. Continue to breathe naturally and become aware of breathing.  Now move that sense of relaxation throughout the body. Let your neck relax completely. Release any tension. Let your shoulders drop down and become loose. Rest your arms, hands and fingers. That sense of comfort and peace is moving through the entire self. Every part of the body is completely rested.

Now remain still, in the presence of God. The angels of God are with you to comfort, guide, and care for you. Be there in this moment and focus on Divine and Holy Light filling the body, mind, and soul. Allow this light to enter the body and balance each of your energy centers. Begin at the area of the lower spine and sense a movement of Holy Spiritual energy moving upward through the center of your body. Feel a sensation of peace as these energy centers normalize and stabilize in a perfect way as it is God’s Holy and Sacred Will. Become aware of God’s energy at the center of your body moving through the abdominal area, navel, chest at the heart center, throat, to the midpoint of your forehead. Just sense this peaceful and beautiful vibration moving through your body to the crown of the head.  The entire body is vibrating balancing and energizing as you allow the Light of God to enter. Now move upward into the Divine and Holy Presence.

We are surrounded and protected by the Holy Light of God. The Holy Spirit is with us. The Angels of God now are guiding us on this journey. Every part of the body is relaxed as the spiritual body moves closer to the Light of God. So, feel the sensation of slowly floating upward out of the physical body and into the surrounding area. Ask God and the angels to be with you and guide you to a place of beauty and peace. We are always in control. In the mental and spiritual body; you are in complete control of every situation. Thought causes each action. So, investigate this area. Ask God for guidance that is good and helpful. Whenever you are ready, return to your body just by the thought that you want to return; your mind is in complete control of all situations. Allow only goodness and love to be of any influence. You are the master of your actions. Your mind is the creator of your reality. Meditate as desired; journey to where it is important and safe for you. And when you are ready return feeling wonderful knowing that you have experienced a journey with God. And we thank You God for this blessing.