The Living God


Receive now God’s Blessings of Spiritual Food for Mind, Heart and Soul. We begin with prayer that in this present moment, we will extend blessings and the peace of God. We are planting the seeds of Holy Inspiration and trust in Gods power to let them grow to be spiritual food for all. “Religious and spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and touch are reported to lengthen life, improve the quality of life, and improve health outcomes by enhancing psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. Research reports are  found in the nursing literature and publications of other health professionals, as well as the professional literature focused on health ministry, chaplaincy, theology, spirituality, spiritual care, and pastoral care. “(5) ANA First, we must believe in the presence of the Living God. There are many who have lost faith and connection with the Creator of all that exists. Faith is the validation of the invisible, and the belief in their reality; faith is recognizing as reality what is unseen by the intellects physical senses. “That they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.”(Acts 17:27-2) “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) (NASB)

God is living; there is life that is visible in all of nature. We see the dawn and sunrise of each new day. The earth is precisely and meticulously moving. Life is so intricate and detailed that to deny planned and intelligent purpose in all life and existence is to say that something just magically appeared from nothing. God lives in all that is Life. God is energy or spirit that is the reason for all of existence. The perfection and detail of every phase of being is divine. God is the universal spirit of all things. This is a deep mystery that we do not comprehend but must experience and feel the presence of Love. Magnificent beauty and splendor exist. The Stillness of the Mind during silent meditation leads to a vision of Heaven on Earth.

God is Love, aware, knowing, conscious of self, personal and yet universal and the eternal creative energy permeating and filling all with Life. This is the spirit of God. I believe that God is real and living. This is natural; there are only natural occurrences and unexplained or misunderstood realities. Humanity often considers the unexplained as supernatural or mystical. All of reality is mystical, transcendent, and preternatural. According to Scripture, God created humankind in the image and likeness of God. All that we are as human beings God is. If we exist and life exists then God exists and is alive and well. We are co-creators in a universal, eternal, existence.

All that exists is eternal. All things, God formed using nothing but that which is of the divine nature. Matter, energy, intelligence and thought, desire and creativeness all that we see in our self exists within God. Energy is eternal. It always exists and is indestructible. Matter is a slower moving form of energy. All is of one substance. All creation occurred with in the mind of the universal creator. We have energy so therefore God has energy, we can think therefore God can think. We have life. God has Life. God is living here and now in every move and every breath. God is life and Love. He is all things all creation. We live and move in the Spirit of God. God is the energy of life and the way that leads us, motivates us, and gives us our being. Reality is the manifestation of an object that you see, hear, feel, and believe. We have eyes so we can see and we have ears to hear. Look and listen, God is everywhere and in all things. God is life and the life that is in all things and all of existence.  The living God is part of us. He lives, moves, and has being in every living thing. God is eternal, and always present.

Science has already proven the existence of God because we know as fact that there is life. There is matter, which is physical, has substance and occupies space. This is very real. There is energy which makes things move and have life this is very real. We have intelligence, emotion, and feeling. All these things exist here and now and are part of all living beings. All that we experience is an expression of the Divine nature of our Creator who is only good. Most religions are faith based, which is belief without absolute knowing. To know something is to take away choice or freewill. This would make us puppets on a string. As a Christian, I have faith in the existence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe in Jesus who is the Christ, the physical personification of God. I believe and I have faith in God of my own free will, which is a human trait, and a gift of God that bestows humanity and freedom. Lack of choice eliminates individuality and our existence as a person. Therefore, absolute knowing eliminates choice and the concept of self as a free and independent individual. I believe, I have faith and I trust. If God suddenly appeared to all people and said; I am here, you can see, hear, touch and feel my presence, and I am all-powerful; and demonstrated proof of this all of us would know but without a choice. This would be the end of faith, religion, choice, freewill, and all that makes us human beings. Freedom and the choice to exercise that freedom are the essence of our humanity. However, as long as we think that we have not seen and yet believe, we live by faith. Nevertheless, we wonder about the reality of God.  God is Spirit. Believers live by Faith not knowledge. We are all sleeping and living in a dream.  Awaken now and the Divine Light will glow in your mind, heart and soul to enlighten your life and thoughts.

This is the way to Living in the Spirt of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

God’s Beautiful Creation


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